Our Services

1. Liaison for freight Booking.
2. Liaison for Chartering of the Vessel
3. Liaison with Clearing & Forwarding Agents
4. Liaison with Shipping Companies.
5. Liaison with Stevedoring Agents.
6. Liaison with Surveyors, P&I Club Surveyors& Insurance Surveyors.
7. Liaison with Fumigators
8. Liaison for L/c Establishment 9. Liaison for Forward Exchange Booking
10. Liaison for document negotiation.
11. Shipping Documentation
12. Banking Services
13. Global International Trade Information
14. Product costing
15. Statistic on Oilseed Products
16. Statistic on Feed Meal Ingredients
17. Services on International Trade Problems
18. Services on International Arbitration
19. Services on Shipping & Technical Problems
20. Domestic procurement of goods.
21. Sales of Import Cargo
22. Consultancy Of Project for flour mill and oil mills